Resam Financial Services (Resam) is a boutique asset management company with a focussed product range. Resam holds a Category II licence (FSP no: 40107) from the Financial Services Board (FSB). We provide discretionary and non-discretionary services in managing assets.

ResAm has a formidable team of highly experienced meritocratic investment professionals with more than 70 years’ practical market experience. We bring experts in quantitative fund management to our clients. ResAm specialises in structuring and managing investment products where local and global economic and market risks are considered to their fullest extent. One of ResAm’s scarse skillsets is our focus on quantitative modelling of all relevant factors influencing the investment decision and possible returns.

Resam seeks out niche investment opportunities not readily available through most investment managers. This shows the entrepeneurial spirit in our DNA. Understanding the risks associated with these opportunities lie at the heart of our approach. This gives our clients the prospect in diversifying their investment portfolios in a prudent manner.

This investment philosophy is garnered from our approach where we put our clients first and we are uncompromising about ethics, trust and accountability. To show our commitment to our investors, and approach to risk management, we invest our own funds in the same products. If our clients loose out, we lose out as well. Through this entrepreneurial approach we grow our business together with our investor funds and we earn the respect and trust of our clients.

We currently operate 3 in-house specialised funds only:

  1. A pure money market fund: The main objective is to provide investors with a bridging vehicle, buying time until the funds are utilised elsewhere.
  2. A trade finance fund: The main objective is exposure to trade finance and bridging finance deals on the African continent.
  3. A PiPs fund: The main objective is exposure to the property market in a secure and prudent manner.

Some more exciting investment opportunities are available through our partners at etfSA. They manage various Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs): etfSA Retirement Annuity Fund is a juristic representative of Resam –

Money Market Fund

The money market provides an important service to corporate and individual investors. They can invest smaller amounts while enjoying the best liquidity and safety usually not found with other investment products. A money market fund’s portfolio is comprised of short-term (less than one year) securities representing high-quality, liquid debt and monetary instruments.

The main objective of the money market fund is to provide investors with a bridging vehicle. This buys the investor time until a decision is made where the funds will be utilised elsewhere.

The risk should be low and this fund’s exposure to risk will be to Aa3 South African banks only (ABSA, Investec, Nedbank & Standard). It is usually available within 24 to 48 hours.

  • Income: Interest
  • Benchmark: Short-Term Fixed Interest Index (STeFi composite index)
  • A minimum investment of R500,000 is required.

Risk Profile: LOW

Gap Finance

Gap finance is more than regular lending. It is collateralised lending. This means there are goods that are traded and shipped. These goods form part of the collateral to secure a loan. It further refers to innovative financial products and services that assist importers and exporters to fulfil their financing needs.

Gap Finance is a source of working capital for many traders in need of financing to procure, process or manufacture products before sale in the future. Such a financing product is also important for individual traders and firms trading internationally, because it can shape competitiveness of their contract terms.

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS – estimates that trade finance supports one third of global trade. Globally, a flow of some US$6.5–8 trillion of trade finance was provided during 2011.

The average maturity of bank loans supporting trade finance is 110 days. New international regulations (Basel III) set high demands on banks and that increase costs. The gap finance industry is experimenting with new structures and products to distribute trade finance exposures to non-bank investors. Resam fills that gap.

The main objective of the fund is exposure to gap finance and bridging finance deals on the African continent. Each deal will be fully secured.

  • Income: Interest
  • Benchmark: South African JIBAR + 6%
  • A minimum investment of R500,000 is required.

Risk Profile: MEDIUM

GAP Fund Fact Sheet May 2017

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